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Standing (left to right): Val Patel,Chetan Patel and Bob Patel
Seated (left to right): Bhanu Patel, Peter Patel, May Patel

April 4th, 2014 mark the end of an era for a longtime Chapleau business man, Roger Perreault and the beginning of another with the arrival of the Patel Families

Aux Trois Moulins Motel and Restaurant was recently purchased by the Patels.

With them, the Patels bring a wealth of business experience which will help in the continuance of a well established business.

Val worked at Moore's Clothing as top sales wardrobe for over 25 years. His son, Chetan was also an assistant manager at Moore's for 4 years. Bob has been in the hotel business since the early eighties. Bhanu has been in the catering business for 25 years. Peter has been in the hospitality business for 23 years and ran a very successful Indian restaurant in the Kawarthas (Fenelon Falls) for 12 years. Mayuri has worked as a front desk receptionist at Novotel and Holiday Inn. The mission of the Patels is to make Aux Trois Moulins Restaurant and Motel a fun and happy place for the residents of Chapleau.

Chapleau welcomes our new community members with open arms and wish Roger Perreault and his family the best in his future endeavours as we thank him for the continued support that he has given to this community for the last 40 years, including sports teams, non-profit organizations and individuals.

The faith in our community certainly has been reinforced in the last few years with the arrival on the scene of the mining sector and of the continued efforts to establish a local Bio Fuel plant.

All of the elements are present to brighten our future and make this town an exceptional one.

-- The Chapleau Express


Aux Trois Moulins/Riverside Motel, Restaurant and Confectionery would like to welcome and introduce you to the new Owners of the Business. The Patel Families have considerable experience working in the service industry and will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to better serve our clients. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and we work tirelessly to ensure their complete satisfaction. I am convinced that with their tremendous energy and enthusiasm paired with new ideas to improve the business that we will see many good changes in the coming months. We sincerely wish them the best in their endeavour and would like to thank the community, our customers, employees and everyone for their loyal patronage.

- Roger Perreault

A Giant Step

A local entrepreneur who has always worn his optimism for Chapleau on his sleeves has done it once more. From grocery operator to motel and restaurant owner, no matter what business Roger Perreault undertook it was always a mark of progress and commitment to his community.

Now, thanks to Mr. Perreault's vision for the future, Chapleau has taken a giant step into it with the successful installation of a huge wind generator on the hill behind of Aux Trois Moulins complex.
"The process in getting all the permits and work plans for such a venture required a lot of cooperation among municipal, provincial and federal levels," explained Mr. Perreault. "One of the first steps was when the municipality under the leadership of Mayor Earle Freeborn approved a rezoning application to allow the project to proceed," he said. "I would certainly like to thank Mayor Freeborn for his role in bringing this project to Chapleau".

The windmill project received funding assistance from the province, through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund's Small Business Internal Energy Generation Program. "I find great satisfaction and pride in collaborating with local entrepreneurs to bring about progress and further economic activity for our community," stated Mayor Freeborn. "It is innovative projects and new ideas like this one that will provide a bright and sustainable future for Chapleau".